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A concert with confetti in the air and colorful lights - Image by Aditya Chinchure

What We Do at
The Rockin' Chair

Our mission at The Rockin' Chair is to shed light on the accessibility of event venues. Music is one of the most amazing joys in life, especially when it's live and everyone should be able to enjoy it. We want our users to feel confident about venturing out to new venues knowing they have the accommodations needed. 

A wheelchair user crowd surfing while the lead singer sings near her

Photo Credit: AdriZ | Flickr

A wheelchair use crowd surfing at a festival

Photo Credit: AdriZ | Flickr

The History and Idea Behind The Rockin' Chair

Live music is one of the greatest experiences in life and Ashley Franke, founder and wheelchair user with Muscular Dystrophy, discovered that in October of 2014. When going to her first rock concert, Five Finger Death Punch, she fell in love with live music. From the band to the audience, and the overall experience, she couldn't get enough after that first show.

Nine years and 40+ shows later, she wanted to begin venturing outside of her local area and go to out of town shows, she had many hesitations about traveling. The main concern being "Is the venue accessible?" After doing some research and asking social media, she realized a lot of disabled individuals had the same concern. 

Having a background in web design, Ashley saw a need for venue accessibility information. She was inspired by AirBnB, a vacation rental website, where each location has all the amenities listed along with reviews from past visitors.

Here at The Rockin' Chair, we want to share the good, the bad, and the accessibility of as many venues as possible. We want to make it as clear as possible for all users about the venues' strengths and weaknesses so individuals can travel for music with confidence.

Music is made to be shared. Live music should be accessible to everyone.

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